Can you wear trainers in clubs in Ibiza?

In fact you'll find anything goes! If you find anyone NOT wearing trainers, they will be in the minority. There is virtually no dress code in most places. Never had a problem with trainers in Ibiza getting into anywhere.

Is it OK to wear trainers with a dress?

While pairing your dresses with trainers can seem cool and casual, and will work for even professional settings and smart dinners, outfits with dresses and trainers won't look great in every situation. In smart dress code situations, it might be best to opt for a different kind of footwear like heels or boots instead.

What should I wear when going out in Ibiza?

A great way to dress for the occasion is to choose comfortable yet fashionable pieces. Men should go for tailored trousers or jeans paired with a well-fitted shirt, and complete the look with a pair of smart casual shoes, while women can opt for a chic and stylish look by pairing jeans with a trendy blouse or shirt.

Is Ushuaia dress code strict?

Being an open-air venue, you should dress accordingly – but please note Ushuaïa's Terms & Conditions. Flip-flops, sports jerseys and swimwear are forbidden. That said, it isn't uncommon to see swimming costumes and bikinis being worn underneath denim shorts and/or a kaftan.

Can I wear trainers in Ibiza?

Are you allowed to wear trainers in clubs?

Not all clubs ban trainers, especially in smaller cities with a large student population. The main reason of a dress code is to attract a particular type of client or more importantly, eliminate others.

Can you wear white trainers to a nightclub?

Other no-gos include white trainers and anything by Nike, specifically the city's most popular style: 110s. Charlie McNally, 21, remembers being knocked back (or KB'd, as it's widely referred to) from a club called XOXO for wearing a pink pair of the signature shoes.

Is it OK to wear trainers on a plane?

While trainers – especially these cult dad shoes – may be the ultimate shoe to wear when travelling, the classic styles can be a hindrance if you're looking for a quick journey through airport security. To avoid any slow downs and troublesome laces, consider switching to a pair of slip-on trainers.

Can you wear trainers with summer dresses?

Whether you pick a classic wrap dress, a relaxed T-shirt dress or a tiered design, keep yours fresh for summer with slip-on canvas trainers. Stylish and comfortable, short dresses and trainers is a new-season combo we'll be wearing on repeat.

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