Is Spain safe to travel to for Americans?

Exercise increased caution in Spain due to terrorism and civil unrest. Country Summary: Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Spain.

Is Spain safe for tourists 2023?

Spain is one of the safest countries in EuropeGenerally, Spain is considered to be a safe place to visit. In fact, Spain ranks as one of the top 10% of the safest countries in the world.

Is Spain safer than USA?

According to the Global Peace Index of 2022, Spain is ranked as the 29th most peaceful country in the world – 100 places higher than the United States!

Is it safe to travel to Spain in 2023?

Where is the safest place to visit in Spain?

Serville, the capital of Andalusian, is considered to be the safest city in Spain with its relaxed, coastal lifestyle. Granada comes in a close second.

Do you have to wear masks on planes to Spain?

Spain mask rules: flightsThe removal of face mask rules on public transport also applies to flights arriving in and departing from Spain. Until now, airlines had to enforce the compulsory use of face masks when flying to and from Spain, but this will no longer be the case from 8th February 2023.

How much money should I take to Spain for a week?

How much money to take to Spain varies enormously on what you plan to do, but you should bank on about £30-£40 per person per day (£200-£250 per week) of spending money to cover meals, trips out and all the many attractions Spain has to offer.

Do you have to wear masks in Spain?

Government of Spain abolishes mandatory use of face masks on public transport. Face masks will still be mandatory in health care facilities and services, in pharmacies and for people working in and visiting health and social care facilities.

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